Have you ever had one of those moments where someone pressured you to make a decision, backing you into a corner and urging you to swallow their reasoning and make a final choice?


Did you feel like you needed more time, more space, and that the situation reeked of bad energy and desperate pushiness?


That feeling that came over you, that was your intuition, telling you things were out of alignment.


One of the greatest lessons I have had to learn is that inner alignment must surpass whatever is being thrown my way. My soul, my intuition, my inner spirit has to be a peace with the choices, requests, opportunities and demands being sent my way, otherwise I MUST take a moment to reevaluate.  


Everything I say yes to must line up with with my true north, every acknowledged request or expended bit of energy, must be in alignment with where I want to go in life, as well as, how I want to show up in life, as I travel towards that destination.


Daniele Laport has a #truthbomb that says Update Your Preference. She alludes that

moment by moment we must update where we want to go in life, how we want to spend our precious resources (time and money), who we want to invite to the table, and we also must fine tune where we feel led to lead, serve and contribute — what you wanted out of life 6 months ago, is very different than what you wanted 6 years ago or maybe even 6 hours ago. We must constantly realign and be genuine in our responses when pulled upon for an answer.


Inner alignment means you get crystal clear on where YOU want to go in life before agreeing to jump on anyone else’s bus. You have to know what you want out of life, the values you stand for, where you are willing to be incredibly gracious and where it is a hard and fast no.


Inner alignment means you value your soul’s urging more than what people think of you. You are okay with people being disappointed in you, in order to not disappoint your own soul. You can sit and hold space if someone else throws a temper tantrum (because you did not cave to their demands), while still standing in love and kindness. Alignment with your soul allows you the space to be loving and kind to all, while, also, still standing your ground and holding onto to your soul’s values.


Inner alignment means you honor your inner spirit above pleasing, conforming and twisting yourself inside out so that world will approve of you.


Inner alignment means you feed your soul instead of your ego. When you are authentically, genuinely aligned with your soul your motivations are pure, altruistic, and in the big soul picture, going to positively impact everyone. When we operate out of fear, anger, scarcity or self-serving motives it is because our ego is in the driver’s seat versus our soul. A soul-driven decision will put more synergistic energy out into the universe, while a ego-driven incentive will always have karmic back-fire. Every choice, decision and behavior is going to leave a cosmic-foot print and have impact — both positive and negative impact! So be conscious and intentional when choosing with whom and what you align with.


Inner alignment means you can rest into who you are without needing to apologize, defend or validate why you are showing up as your authentic self.  Inner alignment is pure, genuine, authenticity. Inner alignment is pulling to the surface what destiny had buried deep within your soul. Inner alignment is living out your soul purpose and the reason you were placed on this planet.


Will you align with your soul or conform to what the world wants you to be? Will you take the time to listen to the still, small voice inside of you or will you allow the white noise to drown it out? Can you show up as YOU without any apologies?


To letting inner alignment guide all your choices. To letting inner alignment surpass anything and everything else in life.

Xo, Jenn