Intuition is a fascinating thing to me — it has taken me a very long time to finally trust mine. For a long time I let other people’s intuition guide me. I would blindly swallow, and often believe, everything other people had to say, simply because they said it — even when what they said, was NOT in my best interest.

I would find myself in situations where other people would use the line “My intuition is telling me you need to _____ x” or “My intuition is saying this will or will not happen in your life Jenn”. I always found those lines unsettling. And my soul wrestled with what was being presented to me.

I never want to be narcissistic and act like I know it all. Instead, I want to be able to be grounded enough, to hear people out, and then run their advice through the filter of my own soul without getting defensive. I want to be gracious and hold space to allow people to contribute to me, while also being super clear on where I want to go in life and the goals I want to accomplish regardless of their “advice” or “warnings”.

I shared with Marion, my soul therapist, the many instances people would dole out “intuition advice” to me. My experience of these situations was that these people felt like they were a guru and that they had the authority to tell other people how to live life.

Marion and I had a cleansing laugh over these “gurus” and what she shared with me totally resonated.

Intuition is your OWN inner guide. Intuition is unique to each one of us. It is our own-inner-personal-compass for guiding us through life. However, when people say they have “an intuition” in regards to how someone else should live their life, that is NOT INTUITION,  but rather a comment, an opinion, an observation about that other person’s life. And more often, than not, it is a way to pass “judgement” on a situation.

When your intuition is telling you something in regards to how you should interact with another person – then that is totally valid, because that is YOUR inner wisdom guiding you on how to behave.

However using the term “I had an intuition that YOU SHOULD  ___X….”, when it comes to telling another person about how they should live their life, that is NOT intuition, but rather guru energy. And that isn’t how intuition works!

Intuition is there for each of us – but we can’t use our intuition on another person!  YOUR intuition is for you, and you only — it doesn’t apply to another person 😉 !!!

We don’t get to tell other people how to live their life in the name of intuition. We don’t get to be a guru on THEIR life!

Furthermore, just because someone states some words, does not make them an “authority” figure on your life. You are the AUTHORITY figure on YOUR LIFE. Words are cheap. Real value resides in actions and behaviors. How is the person, who is doling out the “intuition advice”, living their life? Are they impeccable with their words? Do they have integrity with how they show up in life? What are their intentions for giving you all this advice?

It is a whole lot easier to be in the stands judging and commenting on how someone else is living their life, than on the court, living your own life. It takes less energy to tell someone else how to conduct their life than to go out and create your own life. However, creating your own life, truly is the only way to live. You cannot live through another soul.

Can you stand in your own truth even when someone else is pushing for theirs? Can you refrain from using your intuition as a way to tell someone else how to live? Can you just BE you and let the other person just BE them?

To being your own guru. To living life from soul. To being authentic to your truth above all else.