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  • Handcrafted soulfulness. Only making what you desire.

    We are a small start-up and our online business consists of only handcrafting what gets ordered. We believe in really listening to what our customers want. If we guessed what you wanted, we might end up with a huge pile of inventory that nobody wants! And that is a waste of resources and not the most eco-friendly way to run a business!

    So instead, we only create what gets ordered. Our artisans usually need about 8 weeks to handcraft your bag. However, depending on when you land on we may have some extra bags from our wholesale business, and therefore, will be able to faster serve you.

    So reserve your bag today and get in on the Soul Carrier goodness!

    You will be updated through out the whole process and kept abreast of where we are in the production process. Your credit card will NOT be charged until we ship your product. We will email right away if we have your chosen style in stock.

    Thank your for your business and your belief in what we are out to do! Shine bright and illuminate the world from YOUR soul!