Soul Carrier is a pioneer within the conscious fashion movement.
The company launched in 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona, under the founder Jennifer Boonlorn.


Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to the world of design. I told my father, who was an architect, that one day, I would work for the company SWATCH, designing watches, or for Hallmark, designing greeting cards, or that I would be a fashion designer. My father struggled within the world of design and he wanted something different for his daughter. He encouraged me to be a lawyer, and by the time I got to college, I let go of my design dreams and set out to fulfill his dreams.

My junior year of college my entire family was involved in a car accident that took the lives of my parents. Moments before my father’s SUV flipped & rolled over, my mother turned around and asked me “Where do you want to go…?”, her voice trailed off and she never got to finish that question, and I never got to answer it.

I thought the best way to honor my parents would be to get into law school. However, it was never a fit, and my love of fashion and design pushed me to apply to Parsons the New School of Design in NYC. Four magical years, attending Parsons, working for Oscar de la Renta, Women’s Wear Daily, American Eagle and designing products for Henri Bendel, solidified my adoration of fashion and design.

Several years later, Soul Carrier was born after working on an art project for the retailer Barneys. Soul Carrier truly is the manifestation of finally answering my mother’s questions and following through on my soul’s greater purpose.

I am now very excited to share my latest collections with you, Conscious Intentions & Authentic Change. Both collections are dedicated to mindful living. My designs have been influenced by an appreciation of the clean lines of mid-century modern architecture and a fascination with eclectic textiles. The bags are simplistic, functional, and both literally and figuratively capable of standing on their own – they endeavor to express your philanthropic values and spark rich conversations about the human character traits you value most!

The Conscious Intentions collection was created for the sophisticated woman whose taste turns toward something unique and iconic. I was taking in the decor of a modern restaurant that had a gigantic cowhide rug and featured lots of rectangular-cube-like furniture, when it hit me to design a collection based on these design elements. Indulgent honey and whiskey colored leather, as well as hair-on-hide cow fur make up this luxurious collection of rectilinear shapes. The meaning behind the name Conscious Intentions is derived from the idea that when we get conscious about how we intend to live our lives, become crystal clear on where we want to go, and show up with integrity and purpose, our lives shine brighter and the world is illuminated with souls making a difference.

The Authentic Change collection started to take shape at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC when I purchased a pair of mint and watermelon colored headphones the size of earmuffs. The headphones made me so happy, and I started to think about how fun and playful it would be to do a collection based around the colors mint and watermelon. The Authentic Change collection, with its playful splashes of color, along with its rich chocolate and honey colored leather, is the perfect accessory for the moments you are heading off to the golf course, the carefree brunches or for nights on the town that require a fun purse. The Authentic Change collection also has something for your more academic and professional needs. The meaning behind the name Authentic Change is based around the journey it takes to show up authentically – to be genuinely YOU and to let go of the stories, fears, and masks that keep you from living in alignment with your soul’s greater purpose.

I hope you enjoy the Conscious Intentions and Authentic Change collections from Soul Carrier. Let’s all shine bright and illuminate the world from our souls! What’s in your soul!?



Jennifer Paige Boonlorn

Lead Soul at Soul Carrier

Let’s shine bright & illuminate the world from our souls